June 18, 2009

Guys, we adore you...BUT...

Posted by Aly Alberta at 9:19 AM
1. Having a tiny vocabulary e.g. swears a lot - everything must change to f word
2. Smoking
3. Act cool but actually dont realise that they look lame
4. Always wanna be right even when they are wrong
5. Egoistic
6. Love to show off/brag...e.g. guys who purposely screech their tyres, boasting
7. Love their gadgets (electronics, cars etc) more than the gf/wife
8. Thinking that they are superior/smart/better...think gender descrimination
9. Chauvinism
10. Being pretentious/hypocritical
11. Saying nice things but not backing it up with actions
12. Acting rash
13. When they cant stand girls who are smarter than them
14. Being proud and dont like being reprimanded/corrected
15. Being a lousy listener
16. Asking why girls go to toilet in pairs
17. Calling names
18. Cheating and not admiting when confronted
19. Expect the girls to know what's on their minds
20. Not being nice
21. Thinking that females are slaves to the men
22. Comparing us with other girls
23. Acting extra nice just to get something out of us
24. Getting jealous easily
25. Being lazy
26. Not keeping promises
27. Looking down on girls e.g. thinking that they are not important
28. Mood swings
29. Unshaven/keeping a beard
30. Treating females as sex objects
31. When they feel that we should not look at other guys but they can oogle at other girls
32. Being calculative
33. Being unprofessional in the office
34. Having a prejudiced way of thought on girls
35. Standing us up without a good/valid reason
36. Being hypocrites e.g. labelling girls as sluts if they have plenty of ex's but it's ok for them to have many previous partners
37. No manners in public e.g. openly digging nose, etc
38. Talking like they know everything but actually not knowing much
39. Beating around the bush when talking
40. Guys expect girls to understand them when they dont even understand us
41. When they think they know all about girls but actually dont
42. Insult other girls' looks when they themselves dont look too good
43. Likes to dress up/make up
44. Whistle/Heckle at girls
45. Dresing up in tight-fitting clothes
46. Not spending money on guy friends but willing to part with cash for girls
47. Excessive flirting


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