August 27, 2010

Puasa - Day 14 to 17

Posted by Aly Alberta at 9:36 AM
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Day 14
- actually sya xpulang sendiri..abeyohs dtg ambil..abeyohs escaped!!!..abeyohs xpg majlis buka puasa kt ofc..hahaha..apa2 je la abeyohs..asalkan u bahagia!..then we headed to bazaar at ampang jaya..sya dh xigt sya beli apa..hilang ingatan!!..ohhh..sya beli bon2 ayam..tu je kott..abeyohs bought nasi briyani ipoh with ayam special..again!..hahaha..xbyk choices kt bazaar tuu..beli je la apa yg dijuall..

Day 15
- today we went to bazaar ramadhan at bukit indah..nearby my house..this bazaar bigger than ampang jaya’s bazaar but the foods quite disappointed..a lot of nasi campur..but not our tastes..especially abeyohs..we patah blk 2 3 times at last abeyohs bought nasi putih + daging masak apa ntah..then he had samosa + air asam boi..i had onde2 + kuih penjaram.break fast at usual..

Day 16
- break fast at kLcc’s tgv cinema..hahaha..we watched movie..step up 3D..the movie was awesome!!!..especially Sharni Vinson @ Natalie..she so hot!!!..i want her hair..her tummy..phewwww..Rick Malambri @ Luke also perghhhhh..body??..tough gila!..hahaha..the others dancers/actor/actress also great!!..the movie finished at 7.45pm..10 stars for the movie!..then we go straight to KFC..laparrrr ni!!!..skali msh penuh daaa..& queue..phewwww..i queued for half an hour ok!..while abeyohs looking for place..& lucky he got the best place to eat..ruang besar..sos penuh..hahaha..
- we had chicken rice combo..& agak frust di sini sbb combo tu xde coleslaw..i felt like before this got & soup yg kena beli asing..this time soup got but no coleslaw..IMO..coleslaw must have!!..klu xde..tawar!!!..i nak pg beli juga coleslaw tp tgk queue..urghh..abeyohs said mkn je apa yg ada..mkn nasi dgn sos baru xtawar..hahaha..funny!!..but i did it u know!!..& rasanya bolehlahhhh drpd tawarrrr..huhu..

Day 17
- TGIF!!..& PH for selangor..Nuzul Quran..jalan xjammed..lrt xramai..monorail empty..smp ofc awl..phewww..klu hari2 mcm ni kn bestttt!!!

August 24, 2010

Puasa - Day 12 & 13 & 14

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Day 12

- sya xpuasa!!! sya berbuka puasa spt org yg pg dating!!..yippie..

- went to mid..sdh booked movie..ada 3 movies..Inception, The Last Airbender & The Expendables..semuanya dlm 1 msa..around last abeyohs chose The Expendables..oh! ini sgt awesome!!..ada Rambo (Sylvester Stallone)..ada Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)..ada Iron Man yg poyo (Mickey Rourke)..ada Jet Li..ada white chick (Terry Crews) & hero yg handsome Jason Statham..he is amazing..botak some more..mcm abeyohs!!!..hahaha..& the penjahat is Bruce Willis (xtau la dia ni jahat ke x..rasa2 mcm) & The Stone Cold Steve Austin..kira movie ni hero2 yg tua but still awesome!!..the heroin is Gisele ItiƩ..the Mexican actress..dll..ada ramai lg actor actress sya xigt..hehe..

- hbs movie we went jalan2 cuci mata..window shopping..then heading to kedai abe ley..for buka puasa..fuhh..nasib baik cepat..klu x penuh..msa kitorg smp tuu byk meja kosong lagi but after 5 minutes dh ramaiiii..& xsmp 10 minutes..kedai tu dah totally full house!!..kesian yg dtg lmbt..xde tempat duduk..terpaksa tgu & ada yg buka meja atas jalan raya..huhu..nasib baik keta xbyk sbb time buka puasa kan..

- we had..all kelantanese foods..gulai ayam (favourite!)..ikan patin masak lemak (for abeyohs only)..terung & nenas pajeri for me..ulam-ulaman with tempoyak + budu for abeyohs..timun + budu for me..& the last added food is sup tulang..mmg marvelous!!!..siap ambil nasi tambah lagii..hahaha..mmg nyummy!!!..habis licin except isi ayam + tulang..xlarat bila igt balik ayam tuu rsa sayang lakk..menyesal xhabiskan..huh…

Day 13

- monday blues!!!..& sya msa sya xmkn apa pn..minum air saja..lunch hour belasah titun!!!..

- after work went to bazaar ramadhan ampang jaya..i had bon2 ayam saja & onde2..abeyohs had nasi briyani + bon2 ayam + air asam boi..& mee goreng for sahur..& know what..abeyohs xmakan pn mee tuuuu..sbb abeyohs hny sedar pkl 6am!!!!..urghhh..sayangnyaaa..dh la byk mee tuu..rm2.50 je..membazirrr!!!..skrg mee tu dh basi dh sya mkn pn xpe kannnn..

- buka puasa at home..kanak-kanak 2 org tuu xpuasa..masing2 sakit..demam + batuk..1 pakej laa..agak xbest sbb msa buka puasa tuu dorg mkn sikit je..xde selera..2 2 pn moody..sya pn jd keras juga..dh xde kwn msa sesi mkn kuih si adik agak aktif sbb dia dpt mkn donut..3 ketul tuuu..huh..dahsyat!!..sya pula..belasah onde2..nyummy!!

Day 14
- today sya xpuasa juga!!!..hahaha..msh cuti2 puasa..sya pulang sendiri today sbb abeyohs ada majlis buka puasa di ofc.. hopefully xramai org..hopefully xjammed..hopefully bus cepat..amin.

August 23, 2010

8 Things You Didn't Know About Toothpaste

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Faced with dozens of different products promising to make your teeth fresher, whiter and cavity-free, it’s no wonder you wander aimlessly down the toothpaste aisle. To help you pick wisely, we turned to the pros for the scoop on what ingredients to look for, whether gel or paste formulas are right for you and just how much you need to squeeze onto your brush. It’s never too late to get your pearly whites in tip-top shape, so read on to find out how!

1. It’s all about the fluoride.
With a host of ingredients in toothpaste, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s essential. But no matter what your individual needs are (i.e., tartar control, whitening, breath-freshening and so on), dental hygienists agree that fluoride is a must. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily can reduce tooth decay by as much as 40 percent. “Even in areas where there is water fluoridation, the added fluoride in toothpaste has been shown to be very beneficial,” says Caryn Loftis-Solie, RDH, president of the American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA).

2. Look for the seal of approval.
While it’s tempting to save some cash with a generic brand of toothpaste, you may actually be getting an ineffective—and potentially harmful—product. “You should always look for the ADA Seal when choosing a toothpaste,” says Clifford Whall, PhD, director of the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance Program. “Only those products have the scientific data to back up their claims and have been proven to meet our criteria for safety and effectiveness.” With 50-plus approved toothpastes on shelves, it’s easy to find a tube that’s right for you and your budget.

3. Whitening toothpastes work—at least to a certain degree.
Countless products promise a whiter smile, but do they really deliver? “Whitening toothpastes—like all toothpastes—contain mild abrasives to help remove surface stains on your teeth,” says Dr. Whall. “The shape of the particles used in whitening products, though, is modified to clean those stains away better, so you’ll see a noticeable difference in how your teeth look.” However, according to Dr. Whall, these products don’t contain bleach, making it impossible for them to brighten your smile as dramatically as professional whitening treatments.

4. Less is more.
Despite what you see on commercials, a brush full of toothpaste won’t clean your pearly whites any better than half that amount, according to E. Jane Crocker, RHD, president of the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association. “All you need is a pea-size amount of toothpaste—yes, I mean the little green vegetable!” Not only will that get the job done effectively (by cleaning and removing plaque, stains and food debris), you’ll also extend the life of your tube.

5. How you brush is more important than what you brush with.
You can buy the best toothpaste and toothbrush on the market, but if you aren’t brushing correctly you won’t see results. “To do it properly, you need to position the brush at a 45 degree angle so that you get some of the bristles in between the tooth and the gums,” says Dr. Whall. “Move the brush in small circles in those areas, and then continue on to the rest of the teeth. This process should take about one to two minutes to complete.” View the ADA’s step-by-step guide to brushing and flossing here.

6. Organic toothpastes can be just as effective as regular.
If you’re willing to spend a little more to go green, natural and organic toothpastes can be a good eco-friendly alternative to commercial brands—provided they contain fluoride. “Natural and organic toothpastes that include fluoride in their ingredients are as effective as regular toothpastes with fluoride,” says Crocker. You’ll also be avoiding artificial preservatives, sweeteners and dyes.

7. What’s inside your toothpaste might surprise you.
You may not recognize the names listed on the side of the tube, but ingredients like seaweed and detergent can be found in many fluoride toothpastes. According to the ADA, common thickening agents include seaweed colloids, mineral colloids and natural gums. And for that quintessential foaming action, most products rely on detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate—also found in many shampoos and body washes—that are deemed 100 percent safe and effective by the ADA.

8. Pastes or gels—they all do the trick.
You may have heard that one works better than the other but, according to the experts, they all clean teeth equally well. “Other than flavor, texture and how it makes a person feel, there aren’t any major differences among the various forms,” says Crocker. “I think it comes down to personal preference, which might come through trial and error. I encourage my patients to use whichever product encourages them to brush.”

By Jordan Shakeshaft, Woman's Day

August 21, 2010

Puasa - Day 9 & 10 & 11

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Day 9

- 9 xhujan!!!!..panassss..sya suka sbb blh jln dr hjg ke hjg bazaar kg.baruuu..huhu..dh smp hjg then patah blk sdh penin!!!!..& kepak ayam madu xde!!!!..ngerrrrrr...sya kepingin mau mkn kepak ayam maduu tuuuu..yg mcm di pasar mlm kgau tuuuuu..sedapppp!!!!..finally sya bli kuih akok saja..xpe laa..akok pn sedap!!!..kali ni rsa telur dia mmg terasa!!!..nyummy!!!!..mcm biasa sya buka puasa di rmh..2x tmbh!!!..hehehe..

Day 10

- yippie....kepak ayam madu sdh dijumpai..di bazaar ramadhan ampg jayaaaa..huhu..7 kepak rm10..smuanya sponsored by dato' kepak ayam je la ek..kuih muih dh xde budget!!!..skali aunt pn bli ayam juga tp ayam percik..hahaha..lauk buka puasa day 10 smuanya ayam!!!!..sya suka!!!!..nasi 2x tmbh..then ada bubur durian + kacang hijau..mmg nyummy!!..mkn dgn rotiiiii..huh..marvellous!!!!...

seeeee..nyummmy kan???
Day 11

- sya xpuasa today!!!!!..cuti2 puasa..huhu..sya sdh apply leave smlm lps buka puasa..nsb lps buka sya rasa sya apply leave dlm 10 days..kottttt..lama kan??..hahaha..itu jangkaan saja..klu kurang lg bgs..xde la byk yg nk sya xmkn apa lg pn..minum air saja..xrasa lapar pn..sbb maybe dh biasa puasa perut sya xhairan sya nk replace blk kandungan air dlm badan sya ni..badan sya kekurangan air sejak bulan puasa ni..kulit2 pn jadi keringggg..sapu lotion selang sejam pn tetap kering jugaaaa..tension je..

layan la video muzik hangatnya raya ni..tajuknya hanya kerana cinta..& Anne dh xde di Hotfm..wuargghhh sedih ok!!!..will miss u Anne...

August 19, 2010


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siapa yg jealous??..

kenapa perlu jealous??..

berbaloikah jealous tuu??

tepuk dada tanya otak!!!!

August 18, 2010

Puasa - Day 6 & 7 & 8

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Day 6

- buka puasa with abeyohs at kedai siam..but this time different kedai siam..sbb kedai siam yg biasa tu tutup..frust!!!..knp sya frust sbb tomyam kedai siam baru ni xsedap!!!..serius!!..xrasa mcm tomyam..rasa mcm sup ayam yg cmpr tomyam pes 1 apa blh buat..makan saja laaa..perut laparrr maaa..had onde2 as kuih..belasah orange juice..hahhh nasi baik air dia sedap..klu x..ngerrrrrrrrr..abeyohs had daging masak kicap & cendawan goreng kunyit..bon2 ayam pn ada..& as usual he must have kuih tepung pelita..hahaha..sudah jangkittt..then for drink he had apple juice..air ni pn sedap!!!!..abeyohs kata klu tmbh asam boi @ perah asam limau lg sedap..yg mcm air kt secret recipe tuuu..nyummy!!!!

Day 7

- buka puasa kat rumah tapi before that we went to bazaar ramadhan at kg.baru..ok laa..agak besarr juga..a lot of kelantanese foods..abeyohs sukaaa!!!..sya pn suka jugaaa!!! 1st abeyohs bought kuih akok then after pay for that kuih he saw his favourite kuih..iaitu kuih nekbat..ucl uncu ckp kuih badak berendam..yes!!..i admit kuih tu mmg mcm badak berendam..xpercaya..tgk ni..

 kan?..mcm badak kan??

- then menu sya pula mcm biasa gulai ayam di keda ngonaaaaa..sya ambl 2 ketul wings..& agak frust juga di siniiii..sbb rasa gulai ayam tu xmcm selalu..agak cair..xpekat..maybe kena mkn dgn sambal, budu & acar timun kot..baru power!!!..wuargggghhh..frust lagiiii..tapi slps itu i had the bestest pisang goreng ever..nyummy!!!..sedap ye sedap..rangup ye rangup..lembut ye lembut..terasa pisangnya ye terasa..huh..smp skrg terasa2 ni..huhu..

Day 8

- hari ni la day 8..lg 25 minit azan akn berkumandang..sya xsahur pagi tadi..& skrg sya amat2 lapar..sya pelik..smlm day 7 pn sya xsahur tp ok je!..hari ni sya agak pg bazaar ramadhan kg.baru lagi dgn abeyohs..sya tgu di motor saja..sbb hujan..abeyohs pg cari lauk sendiri..sya kirim onde2 saja..hujan amat lebat & sya xlarat..kepala penin..dlm perut ada something lps mandi sya sdh ok!..sya buka puasa di rumah juga hari ni..bibik tgh goreng ayam & baunya menusuk kalbu!!!

 nyummy kan???

August 16, 2010

i'm a big fan of.....

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she is so adorable!!!
love u babe..
pic courtesy from here

Puasa - Day 3 & 4 & 5

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quick recap ye..

Day 3

-    buka puasa dgn abeyohs lagiiii..di kLcc..sya mkn nasi lemak adik!!!.sambalnya tip top!!..abeyohs had ayam penyet..1st time try & sedap!!!!! trip mau mkn ayam penyet…yippie!!!..ayam dia..fiuhhh..marvellous..before this pnh juga dgr2 baca2 psl ayam penyet ni..dorg2 mereka2 kata sedap..& sudah terbukti mmg sedap!!!!

Day 4

-    sya half day saja..smp rmh..tergolek atas tilam bulat smbl tgk tv dr t/hr smp ptg..then pg bazaar..mcm2 beli..bon2 ada..kuih muih mcm2 jenis..buka puasa with family..nyummy..aunt masak kari ayam kampung..fiuhhhh..3x tambah!!

Day 5

-    duk rumah seharian..kemas bilik..iron baju..layan CSI..layan bazaar..beli samosa…nyummy!!!..kami mkn nasi ayam ramai2..2x tambah!!!..belasah air sirap smp 4 5 6 gelassss..mmg full blast!!!!

August 13, 2010

Puasa - Day 2

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yippie!!!..2 hari puasa penuh!!! hari ke 3..hopefully penuh juga!!..yesterday break fasting with abeyohs the same kedai siam..but not the same menu..only the bazaar's foods are same..regrettable that i didn't went to the bazaar..abeyohs went alone because i felt like stars & moons around my better i stay at the kedai siam rather than i jatuh collapsed!..buat malu je!..lagipun it's rainy day..not that heavy..only drizzling..but it's still rain kan??

abeyohs bought bon2 ayam + kuih tepung cendawan goreng..he said he can't find the stall laa..a lot of people laa..ituuu laaa..ini laaa..arghhhh..too many excuses!!!..ckp je la xnk our break fast menu is nasi + sup cendawan + daging masak merah + sayur sawi goreng + limau ais (for me) + teh o ais limau (for abeyohs)..& ada xbest moment nii..bon2 ayam tu xmasak!!!..huh..rasa pelik!!!!..yg 1st day puasa pny lg sedap..wlpn mahal..RM1.50 ada 5 ketul..yg ni hrga RM1 ada 4 ketul tp xmasak!!!!..huh..penin!!!..

reached home..i buat farmville..then shower..then titun!!!..i feel like makin byk stars & moons around my head..

  bon2 ayam aka chicken ass..

August 12, 2010

Puasa - Day 1

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alhamdullilah..syukur pada Tuhan..i berjaya puasa penuh pada hari pertama puasa..huh..wlpn battery i sudah tinggal setengah pd pkl 2pm tapi i tetap bertahan..& yg bestnya i buka puasa dgn abeyohs!!..yeah!!!..abeyohs kluar ofc gvmt 4.30pm dh blh blk..i juga yg blk pkl 5.30pm..actly org muslim blh blk pkl 5pm tp klu i pn blk pkl 5pm..siapa yg nk handle data dept??..kesian ivy sorg2..kang kelam kabut jadinya wlpn setengah jam je lg waktu berkerja..dlm setengah jam tu mcm2 blh jadi..kan??..

so abeyohs pkl 5pm dh terpacak kt bwh tgu i..i lak kt atas buat keja mcm biasa..menghitung masa nk blk je..sharp2 5.30pm i punch!..then it's time to merempitttt..yippie!! nk merempit apa ke jadahnya..jammed gila gila gilaaaaa..bygkn kt toll akleh tuu motor pn kena bhti2..keta jgn ckp laaa..motor keta dh sama byk..akhirnya lorong motor tuu drpd kecil dh jadi besar sbb pihak toll tutup kaunter toll yg hujung skali utk memudahkan motor2 lalu..hah..mcm tuu laaa..pandai pun..tq akleh!

dh smp petronas pn jammed juga..dpn ISKL tu jgn ckp laaa..2 2 lorong xgerak..nasib baik kitorg naik motor..klu x..msh stuck dkt jln sultan ismail kot..sbb time tuu baru pkl 6pm..jammed dr ISKL tu smp ke taman rasmi..semua org (i mean melayu,cina,india,punjabi,singh,dusun dll) berpusu2 nk balik..masing2 menuju ke bazaar ramadhan kt bukit indah.. story psl bazaar ramadhan..mmg happening!!!..gerai banyak..orang ramai..mcm2 jenis lauk pauk..kuih muih..air minuman..ikan bakar..chicken wing bakar..bon2 ayam bakar (yg ni sedap!)..cendawan goreng..ayam goreng..mee mihun kuetiow goreng..pendek kataa..semua jenis makanan minuman ada laaaa!!!!..

lepas dr bazaar i mmg penin!!!..huh..rasa mcm nk pengsan pn i ajak abeyohs blah..lg pn dh byk kitorg beli..apa yg kitorg beli??..ayam bakar (ni utk abeyohs saja)..bon2 ayam bakar..cendawan goreng..& kuih pelita (yg ni wajib!)..itu sajaaaa..sbb kitorg nk mkn kt kedai siam bdktan..kt situ lg byk mau dkt kedai siam my order was nasi + tomyam ayam + sayur kailan goreng biasa (yg ni share) + teh o ais + air putih..abeyohs's order was nasi + ikan masak singgang + sirap limau ais..masing2 ada sup masing2..xmau share tuu..masing2 tamak haloba!!..hahahaaa..nasi i habis licin!!!..nasi abeyohs ada lg separuh..sbb dia meratah seekor ikan kembung + seketul paha ayam..

makanan yg beli kt bazaar ramadhan pn habs dimakan except cendawan i bwa balik & habis licin juag..dimakan oleh kanak2..huh..syukur alhamdulillah tiada pembaziran berlaku di hari pertama..abeyohs je yg membazir sbb nasi xhabis..huh..

hari ni hari ke 2..wait for the tomorrow post..hopefully success lg hari ni..amin..

p/s..mak aihhh..panjangnya baru sehari puasa..gila ah!

August 11, 2010

Happy Fasting.

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happy fasting u all..
i mohon ampun & maaf for everything..
semoga ramadhan tahun ni diberkati..

p/s..di saat ini..i tlh terbayang2 bazaar ramadhan..urghhh..5hrs more..battery i tgl setengah..

August 10, 2010

tropicana twister vs minute maid pulpy

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haluuuu..anda suka yg mana???..=>


ok!..i suka 2 2..2 2 sedap..tapiiii..hahhh ada tapiiii..tapiiiii yg minute maid tu biji2 pulpy dia lagii banyaaaakkkkkk..dh nama pun minute maid pulpy pulpy dia terasa smp ke perut anak tekak..heeee..tropicana twister tuuu rasa orange dia lg banyakkkk..sbb tu dia melekit2 mcm gam bila ada tumpah..yg minute maid xmelekit sgt..2 2 kena minum time sejuk beku..baru stim nikmat terasaaaa..

nway..2 2 sedappp..nyummy!..esk lusa tulat..bila buka puasa blh la minum air ni..yeah!!!..selang seli baru xjemu..hari2 orange!..mana la tau kn esk lusa tulat dpt rezeki bercuti di negara oranje..heeeeeee..=p

p/s..mlm ni tgk anak bulan..insyaAllah esok puasa..ngeeeeeee...

August 7, 2010

love the cheek!

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sila focus pada cheek sya!
sya suka cheek ituuuu!!!

mari beryoga!

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haluu..mau flat belly??..buat la exercises bwh ni..heee..

courtesy from!

Belly fat gets a bad rap, but there are all sorts of problem spots that can take up residence on your torso. From bra bulge to just-above-your-bikini-line pooch and everything in between, these 4 poses target your tummy while firming up your chest, shoulder and back muscles, too. And with no equipment required, they’re easy enough to do at home—or, hey, even at the beach or by the pool!

Rocking Boat
This exercise starts with a yoga move called the Boat Pose. To get into it,
start by sitting with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Then, lean back slightly while holding under thighs, grabbing just above back of knees.  Raise feet off floor and press them together; lift feet until shins are parallel to floor. Extend arms to shoulder height straight in front of you with palms down. This is Boat Pose. Turn it into the Rocking Boat by tipping  knees from one side to the other, trying to keep the motion steady. Repeat right to left 10 times.

Bent-Leg Boat Raise and Lower
Start in Boat Pose, as described in Rocking Boat. Lower torso and legs toward floor, without touching, so body forms a wider V. Return to the start position. Repeat 10 times.

1-Minute Plank Pose
Plank is just like push-up position: Hands are shoulder-width apart, feet are hip-width apart, and heels, ankles, butt, spine, shoulders, neck, and head should be in one long line. Try holding the position for 1 minute. This is a full-body toner; help your body stay in one strong line by drawing your abs in and up.

Upward Dog Stretch
Start this move by lying face down with tops of feet on mat. Bend elbows and place palms on floor beside lower ribs. Push up, straightening arms without locking elbows, and lift upper legs and torso into air. Arch chest upward, lifting sternum, and keep elbows in, close to sides. This pose opens your chest and gives your abs a nice stretch, so breathe deep and enjoy your hard work.

August 6, 2010


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haluu..TGIF..yeah!..i feel funny di pagi hariiii jumaat ini..sgt funny..sgt2 ok!..huhu..i noticed that my fb have been blocked by peoplessss (agak ramai juga laa) yang xingin i menggodek melihat ke dalam fb dia..those bitches peoples were in my friend list as well..they only blocked me on certain parts such as buat mcm tu supaya i xblh tgk wall..baca status..tgk photos..hahahaha..tapi ada mak kisah??..block la..i xluak sikit pun..tapi yg i pelik knp nk blocked certain parts saja??..knp xblock i terusssss??..buat la pakej delete & block..ambil kau sekali 2..baru puas hati!!!!..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa..(gelak guling-guling)


gelak guling-guling...ngerrrrrr....

wahai blockers..anda semua blh go to hell..sila hidup bersama Hades & his underworld..fuck off!!!

August 4, 2010

sudah famous!!

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haluuu..wah!..sejak akhir2 ni byk pula cita psl u ni wahai blog..sudah jadi famous la u wahai blog..huh!..skrg between us sudah tiada privacy la wahai blog..i dah xboleh taip apa yg i suka..i dah xboleh meluahkan perasaan i kat u wahai blog..i dah xboleh ngumpat2 org dgn u wahai blog..i dah xboleh mencarut2 dah kat atas u wahai blog..huh!..

apa kata kita buat u jadi private blog wahai blog??..what say u wahai blog??

p/ ini telah diedit..sbb ada reporterssssss terhebat di abad ini..damn!!

August 2, 2010

Jangan Tiru Macam Saya!!!!!

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dear blog..i’ve spotted that u have been copied..damn!..damn!..damn!..sixplet damn!..

arghhhh..sgt xbest kan bila ada org copy idea kita..100% lak tuu..cuma dia tokok tambah saja..damn!..from the title..about me section..the other part of me..important section..prayers to visit pun kena tiru bkn tiru 100% dh ni..500% kena tiruu..damn!!!..& yang paling sakit hati tuu..semua word on every each section semuanya sama!!..urgghhhhhh..bikin panasssss!!!!!!!!!!!

ohmigod!..i really cant think why the person should copy my idea..yes..u are please to read my blog but u strictly not to copy my all idea..damn!

to person who may concern..please please..change ur blog..asap!..jangan tiru macam saya..sila buat word sendiri..



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