January 14, 2012

Are you pregnant?

Posted by Aly Alberta at 6:30 PM
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Yes, I’m pregnant. I'm in early 3rd trimester now. I’m sorry for not telling earlier.
I have some reason for that. Maybe some of the reason adalah agak kuno bagi anda, tapi saya percaya dengannya. Oleh itu, percayalahhhh… =p

The reasons are;

  1. This is our 1st child, so orang tua-tua cakap jangan kecoh-kecoh takut tak jadi. Ini bukan benda main-main. Bersyukur sendiri lebih baik dari bercerita bagi satu dunia tau. Orang akan tahu juga nanti, itu pasti, biar masa yang menentukan.
  2. Don’t over excited nanti ketulahan. Ini rezeki dari Tuhan. Kalau jadi riak, takut Tuhan tarik balik rezeki tu. 
  3. I have a terrible morning sickness. It was started early on, kalau tak silap 1 week old until 4 months old. So, it was like no day fun for me. Everyday was a exhausted day. Unless, I get to eat my mengidam foods.
  4. I’m scared. No idea why, but it’s haunting me until now. Haih!
Well, I think it is a reasonable reasons kan? Kan?

Now, we move to the chronology pula. Start from the 1st stage until today.

My Pregnancy Chronology

July 2011

  • Period is not on time.
  • Instinct has started to detect something is going on.
  • Tak fikir langsung pasal perubahan hormone, first thing dalam kepala, pregnant ke?
  • Pepagi lagi dah uwekk sana, uwekk sini. Pening. Rasa tak best. Buat apa pun tak jadi.
  • Selera makan out of service. Dorang mogok.
  • Tak boleh bau orang masak-masak especially tumis bawang. Kalau bau yang tu confirmed terkeluar semua usus perut.
  • Wash room is best friend. Whenever, wherever.
  • Kengkadang, plastic pun jadi best friend.
  • Air putih jadi peneman hidup siang dan malam. Air lain memang tak boleh masuk.
  • Tak terfikir nak beli pregnancy test walaupun dah terfikir pregnant kot?! Terus pergi clinic, jumpa doctor, tell her everything that I felt, then urine test! Result? Please come again after a week. Sebabnya, unsure. Macam pregnant, macam tak pregnant. The 2nd line is not appearing clearly. After a week, we came back and urine test again. Result? Yes! I’m pregnant! Tell Mum and she is happy. Terus macam-macam masuk dalam telinga straight to otak. Adeh!
  • I’m into spicy foods. Every food that I would have must be spicy.
August 2011
  • It was Ramadhan month and very challenging month for me. Saya puasa 9 hari saja. The rest, gone by the wind. Parah nak membayar esok-esok.
  • Morning sickness still attacking. Worst.
  • Thank God, during Raya, the appetite was good. Boleh makan semua makanan di semua rumah yang dikunjungi.
  • Sama juga, air putih peneman hidup siang dan malam.
  • I’m into sweet foods. Luckily orang Klate suka manis, tak susah cari makan.
September 2011
  • Nothing changes. Everything is the same. Morning sickness. Appetite up and down.
  • Ngidam durian tapi tak boleh makan. Kesian saya.
October 2011
  • Planning for baby’s room.
  • Tummy is getting bigger.
  • Early month, morning sickness still attacking.
  • Middle month, it’s decreasing.
  • End of month, totally free.
  • Went back to Sabah for the reception. Eat as much as I can.
  • Swollen feet are showing up. It’s because of the travelling I guess. After some rest, the feet are getting to the normal size.
November 2011
  • Tummy is obviously showing off.
  • Kilograms are increasingly every week.
  • Buying new pants. Maternity pants.
  • Buying new undergarments too as the body is getting bigger.
  • Surveying baby’s stuffs has begun. Mostly in internet. Mostly on office hour sebab kat rumah no internet connection. Tak baca through the screen. Print semua then baca time rehat or dalam monorail/lrt or dalam wash room (siapa yang kenal saya mesti tau tabiat saya..=p).
  • Foot has started to cramp especially thigh. Sekali cramp, berhari-hari baru hilang sakit.
  • Very light movement in the tummy.
December 2011
  • Light movement.
  • Moving in, out and up and down, left and right.
  • Tummy memang dah nampak.
  • Ada baju yang dah tak muat. Itu bermakna saya dah membesar bagaikan juara so mum spent a pink blouse sebab she cannot tahan to see me on small blouse. Dia pula rimas. I ok je…=p
  • Kaki ku mengembang macam belon.
  • Sakit belakang dah mula datang.
  • Dirty urine has detected. Air kelapa peneman hidup.
  • Kena minum air gula. 3 kali teguk then habis. Nasib baik tak muntah.
  • Buying baby’s apparels has started. Beli 2 3 pasang baju, seluar and booties and mittens and rompers.
  • Mummy pun sakan beli barang baby. Lampin, baju seluar 2 3 pasang, towels, handkerchiefs. Everything is Anakku brand. Haih! I’m speechless. Thanks mummy/future granny!
  • A funny story to share. Jr is in town. Then, 1 fine day he only realized that my tummy is bigger and he asked;
                Jr:  Kakak, kenapa your tummy besar? What inside?
                Me: Memang lah sebab ada baby.
                Jr: Baby? Ko makan baby kah?
                Me: Erkkkk..macam mau terburai perut saya ketawa!
                Don: RFOL sudah.
Then, he assumes and tells everyone that my tummy is big because of I ate a baby.
January 2012

  • Hard movement all around the tummy.
  • Kungfu, Muay Thai, WWE sudah start. Football training pun sudah start.
  • Another baby’s stuffs have purchased. The big-big one and the mahal-mahal one. Sampai Abeyohs mengepek sebab angkat berat-berat..=p
  • Re-planning baby’s room. Mula-mula kat bawah, tapi macam tak sesuai so pindah kat atas.
  • To be continue…

January 6, 2012

2012's Resolutions

Posted by Aly Alberta at 8:00 PM
Hi! It's time for new resolutions. Normal laaa, new year kan? So, harus ada new resolutions. for the last year's resolutions summary, I managed to achieve 7 things from 11. Another 4, 2 unachievable at all, 1 over achieved and 1 half achieved.

Resolutions for this year will be...

  1. Must lose the kilos that I gained during the pregnancy period. Yes, I'm pregnant. Sorry for not telling earlier. But, the progress only can begin after March. Yes, my due date is on March. Do your own Math for the baby's age.
  2. Be a better person or in the other words be a better Muslim, meaning, yang pandai baca Al-Quran; yang pandai baca jawi; yang pandai baca macam-macam doa; yang pandai selawat; etc.
  3. Must, MUST, must increase my monthly saving from 0 to an amount. No matter RM0.10 pun, yang penting ada simpan. For example, if, RM0.10 per day, 30 days dah RM3, 1 year dah RM36, lepas la beli one romper.
  4. Try to clear all debt. Easy say than do. I know.
  5. Must learn how to cook. Bukan I tak pandai masak, cuma kena explore more on the skills.
  6. Go to driving class. Please! (2011's resolution)
  7. Try to have the latest gadget such as DSLR (2011's resolution); Apple's product; new phone with the touch screen; etc.

  1. Struggle more and more and more to be a good wife.
  2. Kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan potensi dalam semua aspek.
  3. Must make him take care of his health sebab Abeyohs malas jaga kesihatan!


Urgghhhh, this will be the tough one.
  1. Must read more books on raising a child.
  2. Must breastfeeding until 2 years old.
  3. Must give a healthier meal.
  4. Be prepared for anything can happens. Anything!
  5. Do family planning. 2015 baru boleh think about the 2nd baby.
  1. Be a good colleague.
  2. Try to ignore the gossips. But how to ignore it? It's life dude! Try laaaaa...
  3. If possible, find other job which is make my pocket more deeper than now.

This one have to joint venture with Abeyohs. But, anyhow, we will build this family together-gether until our last breath. That is my promise!

Amboi, banyaknya resolutions. Achieve or unachievable, we will see in the end of this year.

Anyway, anyhow, with the God's blessing, insyaAllah, it's will go through as it plan. Amin.

January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:50 AM
Hi! Tau dah lambat tapi mau wish juga... Happy New Year 2012 everyone!!! This year according to Chinese Calendar is a Dragon year. Yeah! Ong manyak mali ini tahun. Hopefully! My finger are crossed started on 12.01am, 01.01.2012.

Anyway, a big Thank You to 2011 for the greatest year ever! No other year can replace you, 2011. Thanks for the ups and downs. It's really made my life better than before. Em, anyway, macam-macam jadi tahun 2011... 

Antaranya adalah...

dan ini...

 dan ini...

 and the last ini...=p

See, it was an amazing year ever! Kan?! Ada banyak kejadian yang telah berlaku sepanjang 2011. It was one of my memorable year. Ye la, mana tak jadi memorable, dari bujang, jadi isteri; dari isteri, jadi mummy...opssss bakal mummy..=p; dari free hair, jadi close hair; dari budak nakal; jadi baik sikit laaaa..=p
Ok laaa, later, I'll share my resolution for 2012 pulaaa.. I bet mesti ada macam-macam juga yang akan jadi throughout 2012 niii...

You think, I'm scared? Nope!

Hey 2012, bring it on laaaaaa....

See you soon...


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