July 31, 2009


Posted by Aly Alberta at 10:40 AM
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Never say I love you
If you really don't care.

Never talk about feelings
If they aren't really there.

Never hold my hand
If you are going to break my heart.

Never say you're going to
If you don't really plan to start.

Never look into my eyes
If all you do is lie.

Never say hello
If what you really mean is goodbye.

If you really mean forever
Then say you will try.

Never say forever
Cause forever makes me cry.

July 30, 2009

mana gaji saya??

Posted by Aly Alberta at 3:08 PM
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haluuu..today is 30th of July...tapi tanda-tanda kemasukan gaji belum lagi menjelma..tension tul la..nk pg mkn sdp2 pn xblh ni..asyk saving je..takut duit hbs..huhu..account dept ni mmg nk kena bom..td dh ada akak secretary sorg tu pg bom..face to face tuu..padan muka accountant tu..mmg mangkuk hayun tul..dialog2 mrka spt di bwh:-

akak secretary : when u want to release our pay??
accountant : maybe tomorrow morning..i just got the signature..
akak secretary : what??tomorrow??then what time i want to pay my loan??bills??u
gonna pay the interest ah???if got 32 days u will pay on the day 32..
accountant : if got 32 days i'll pay on on 33..
akak secretary : u dont play2 with people's money ah..
accountant : hah??what do u mean??
akak secretary : something like that la..

...........then i dont know already what the next dialog..hahaha..bengong pny org..mcm mn org xmrh..hr ni dh 30th..esok dh 31st..gaji xmsk2 lg..some more dia cuti on 28th..today br nk terhegeh2 pg mta signature la..itu la ini la..dh tau hjg bulan kn..dh tau nk cuti kn..prepare la awl2..common sense la skt..people work for money ok.....huhhhhh...phewwww..sngh byk sdh membebel ni..will continue soon..daa..

July 24, 2009


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haluu..today is friday..240709..huhh TGIF..but tomorrow got OT..arrgghhh..tp xpe la..tmbh lg income..buat byr loan..huhu..yesterday 230709 was jemi's bday..tp xcelebrate pn..jemie ada kursus induksi..so tgu detik 12 mlm je la..wish him then send msg..nothing special..present pn blm bli lg..hahaha..xtau nk bli present apa..msh dlm pemikiran lg ni..nti dh dpt gaji br blh decide nk bli apa..based on budget la..tp ada kejadian yg xbrp best hari ni..actly dr smlm lg..tp sbr je..pagi ni bila dpt tau..huh..menggeletar 1 badan..bak kata sunia..hangin 1 badan..huhu..tp xnk la share kt sni..nti mengaibkan org tu lak..& org tu adalah jemie..hahaha..pdn muka..poyo lebih..& org2 di sekeliling dia juga amat poyo..ok la..xde idea dh ni..menyakitkan hati je klu igt blk..so kita enjoy!!!...nti lg sambung la..see ya..

July 20, 2009

what a shocked??

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haluu..it's quite long time i didn't blogging..too busy actly..nway..today is monday = 200709..i'm extremely exhausted la..don't know why..maybe not enough sleep or i didn't have my breakfat properly..i only ate karipap for my breakfast..(ok la tu..rather than nothing..~jemie said this..)..then got a lot a.s.ap works..but i think i didn't sleep well last night..i'm was on the bed at 10 o'clock but i think i fall asleep at 12 o'clock..then on 5 o'clock in the morning i heard house phone was ringing..1stly i just want to ignore it..but it keep ringing and ringing and ringing...lastly i woke up & picked it up..but then the caller put it down..after a moment the phone ringing again & i quickly pick it up..but i didn't hear any voice..just music sounds..i'm shocked & afraid & quickly put the phone down..i'm wondering who is it??..why no respond from the caller??..why got music sounds??..then i grab my handset to call jemie..thanks god he awake & i told him the story..then he said very dangerous & told me don't pick up the phone again..i've tried to continue my sleep but i can't..so i just lied down & waited for the alarm sound..then i go bath & ready to go work..& i want to tell aunt after i reach home this evening..must tell her no matter what happen..so i have to continue my work now..account dept keep sending the files..luckily it's a new files..if it's the old files..i'll sneeze all the time..all dust covered the files..emm ok la..i have to go now..see ya..

July 12, 2009

pangkor trip..

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in the bus..otw to kL..

sunia..taking my photos..

leen..ayu..sunia..aly..on the ferry..go to Lumut..
last night at pangkor..
sunset at pangkor..

speky twin..

at kota belanda..

on the ferry..go to pangkor..

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