July 20, 2009

what a shocked??

Posted by Aly Alberta at 2:49 PM
haluu..it's quite long time i didn't blogging..too busy actly..nway..today is monday = 200709..i'm extremely exhausted la..don't know why..maybe not enough sleep or i didn't have my breakfat properly..i only ate karipap for my breakfast..(ok la tu..rather than nothing..~jemie said this..)..then got a lot a.s.ap works..but i think i didn't sleep well last night..i'm was on the bed at 10 o'clock but i think i fall asleep at 12 o'clock..then on 5 o'clock in the morning i heard house phone was ringing..1stly i just want to ignore it..but it keep ringing and ringing and ringing...lastly i woke up & picked it up..but then the caller put it down..after a moment the phone ringing again & i quickly pick it up..but i didn't hear any voice..just music sounds..i'm shocked & afraid & quickly put the phone down..i'm wondering who is it??..why no respond from the caller??..why got music sounds??..then i grab my handset to call jemie..thanks god he awake & i told him the story..then he said very dangerous & told me don't pick up the phone again..i've tried to continue my sleep but i can't..so i just lied down & waited for the alarm sound..then i go bath & ready to go work..& i want to tell aunt after i reach home this evening..must tell her no matter what happen..so i have to continue my work now..account dept keep sending the files..luckily it's a new files..if it's the old files..i'll sneeze all the time..all dust covered the files..emm ok la..i have to go now..see ya..


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