December 15, 2010

holiday during sick leave!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 4:13 PM
haluu..i'm back on kL on Sunday..on Monday i went to Klinik Nathan for review & my MC was extended until Wednesday..only Thursday i'm reporting to work..pity En. Hasnan aka my bos..luckily i can apply leave for la..after a long MC..takut2 xdpt apply for xmas leave pula..

anyway..i'm getting Thursday kejaaa..will try all my best to cover up the back log..i know there will be a lot of back log..En. Hasnan can't do it all..he only do the urgent work..the remeh temeh work will tersadai..if he sempat he will do it..but if wil be i will prepare my energy for Thursday..heeee..

ohh..last Saturday & Sunday we went to cuti2 Malaysia..we went to Ranau..

on the way to Ranau..but the Gunung Kinabalu is not clear..
 on the way too..but this one more clearer..

our 1st pit stop was Tagal Sg. Moroli, Kg. Luanti Baru,, they provide fish massage..which is the fish will bite any part of your body that u put in the water..mostly the guest will put their legs in the water..but..unfortunately..the fishes didn't bite our legs..they only eat the fish's foods that sold at the ticket counter..sometime they will bite but so randomly..but..all the fishes are big..bigger..biggest..anyway, we only allow to sit there for 15 minutes & we pay RM5 per adult & RM1 per kids..ok x??..ok laa..but my mum said if they let us sit for 30 minutes she will come again.haha..

the landmark..
see how big is the fishes..
the fish was jumped & fought for the foods..
the gedik boy

then..we headed to pekan ranau for lunch..after having our lunch we went to Kinabalu Park..on our way to Kinabalu Park we stop by at Kundasang where is famous with the vegetables..

 my mum on pink blouse..

then after mum shopping all the vegetables we continued our journey to Kinabalu Kundasang i already felt the cold weather..the wind is extremely awesome!..

see our hair..
mum & dad
at 1st..all the clouds are in front of the mountain..but thanks God to the wind that blew out all the win so we can see the Gunung Kinabalu more clearer..

clearer amazing the God's creation?
love the cheek!

till here now..take care!


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