December 16, 2009

bday partyyyyy!!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 12:45 PM
Reactions:’s wednesday..less than 48 hours to go..yeah!!..sya mau pulangggg..huhu..sya cuti lama..smp next year tau..soo..kita enjoy!!!!

yesterday..15.12.09..tuesday..our birthday party with friends..we, ayu & i organized it by ourself..semuanya atas persetujuan 2 2 belah sdh terlaksana dgn jayanya smlm..eventhough ada beberapa friends yg xdpt join atas alasan party ada lg..

the guests are..
hafiz sunia
shah selensor
hafiz subang
ms.bubur (awek hafiz subang)

the party was started a bit late..sbb hari hujan..& jln jammed..soo mereka2 pn lmbt bla half of them dh smp kmi b3..ayu..sunia & i pergilah mencari dinner..laparrr nii..then i had my nasi do ayu..sunia had her laksa..the boys had their own meal..i xambil tau pn..i lapooorrrr..hehe..during we are eating seng & ajue arrived..both of them are the last guests who came..sya sgt happy..ambl gmbr sna sni..mereka msng2 mbwa camera berat mereka..ikmal with his sony dslr..dont know what model actly..shah selensor with his 1000D canon..wah smunya sdh ada yg suka ni..ayu with her cyber shot camera baruu tuuu..huhu..and usual with my compact pinkish suddenly ada security guard sound kt camera ok..cannot used camera ok..then seng said in the shopping complex mmg xblh pakai sblm ni ok je..xde org tegur pn..hurmmm..confused jp..then ikmal pn simpan la camera berat dia tuu..shah selensor pn simpan tgl ayu pny camera phone & my pinkish je..itu pn ok la..seng told us that ikmal took a lot of candid photos..& it was sooo nice..huhhh..xberkesmptan nk tgk..nti mta sunia copy dr ikmal..dorg kn bgnan sblh2 je..hehe

the cake was superb!!!..opss..correction..cupcakes ok..we order it fr’s nice..the design also nice..but if the alphabet they use dark colour more nicer..hehe..mmg manis..the icing probably..manis gt tp sedap!!!..mau order lg nti..

after we had our dinner..cupcakes..gossips..joke..laughing..snapped photossssss..we went to taman kLcc suggested by en.ahseng..the reason is he wants to smoke!!!..but it was xblh lepak dkt air pancut tu..lepak kt tepi dome je..situ pn gossips jg..snapped photosss jg..then smunya pulangggg..yeah..selamt selamat..

that was memorable momento for me..u guys..girls make it real happened..u guys..girls rock!!! time we organize lg ok?! january of course..for ajue’s & sunia’s bday!!!..

p/s..later i upload photosss..ofc line xclear…

daaa..take care all..


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