December 12, 2009

happy birthday!!!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 3:00 PM
Reactions:'s my birthday..12.12.2009..sweet 23..sya muda lagiii..cheewaahhh..nway..adding 1 more candle on my cake..hehe..

rmai kwn2 yg wish..through sms..through fb..tqvm korg..tq tq sbb igt bday i..wlpn kt fb show my bday u all..

today bday girl kejaaa laa..kejaa di store..sdh klmbtn nii..smp storee pkl 8 something..then trs buat kejaaa..suddenly..cheng cheng cheng..tdgr somebody singing bday song..surprise!!!!...ivy & hasnan bw cake..b surprise utk i..cake cappucino tuu..sodapp!!!..then i still muda tau sbb ada 2 candles je kt cake tuu..sweet 20..heheh..perasannn!!!!...ivy & hasnan bg present...omg..tqvm both of u..sgt2 xsgka..then ivy tu dtg store semata2 nk bt surprise party utk i..oh sweet..akn ku kenang smp bila2..hehe thanks again ivy & hasnan..

today jg don & cliff dtg kL..ptg krg smp abeyohs & i nk pg ambl kt lcct..hehe..get to ready now..

happy birthday to me...take care all..daaa..


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