January 2, 2010

hapy new year 2010...

Posted by Aly Alberta at 4:45 PM
haluuuuu...hapy new year 2010..agak lambat wish ni sbb agak bz..we 1 fmly clbrte new year juga..heeee..

mlm 31 tuu kmi potong cake new year..yam cake tau..dady order since 30hb lg..igt nk bli cake yg ready made tuu tp mumy ckp nti mst hbs cpt..sbb smu org pn nk bli cake nti..so we decided to order laa..order cake yg 1kg..mcm xcukup..tp tgk2 cake dia bsr ohh..mcm bkn 1kg..photos ada tp dlm camera lg..heee mcm biasa la xtransfer lagii..

then 1st day of 2010 tuu..we all 1 family except ben went to kK..last minute plan..saja je tny2 dady new year's eve tu bla nk pg kK..xsgka pula dady jwb..esok kta pg..huhu..

so kmi btlk pagi2 lg..smp di kK..pg mkn kt Wiya Nasi Ayam at Segama..as usual parking lot mmg ssh nk cari kt situ..so dady dropped us there then he go around cari parking lot..huhu..at last smp ktorg dh hbs mkn..dady xdpt2 parking lagi..i smpt bli kain sarung yg diorder oleh kak.eja..& kd smpt tkr housing phone dia..dady xdpt2 parking lg..pity him..then he called he parked at taxi parking lot..asked us to go there then he said he will eat at 1 borneo ja la..

kmi smp di 1 borneo..emm..xde la bsr sgt..biasa2 ja..mcm mid juga..tp tpt tuu br buka..kedai2 tu xbyk buka..jln2 pusing..xde bda pn..mcm biasa ja..spent almost 3hrs at game station..jr main games..waduuhhhh..blh bankrupt ohhh..huhu..igt nk bli phone don tp dady ckp mhl kt situ..& mmg mhl pn..for example..phone kd sony..xtau model apa..kt situ jual 400++..tp mumy bli bru 300++..huhhh..mmg mhl pn...

then dad decided to buy at kgau only..then kmi btlk pulang..around 5 something kot..

arrived at kgau dh pkl 6 something..pg tgk kdai nset tuu tp sdh tutup laa..esok je la jwbnya..

then today..pagi2 lg dady dh ajak pg tgk nset..stlh 5 buah kedai di survey..finally don decide to buy nset sony..jenis slide..model F305..function best..game byk..game sims pn ada..version 2 pny..heeeee

mumy cooked meehoon soup for lunch...yummy!!!!!

till here only..later i upload photos ye..heee


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