May 15, 2010

silent weekend!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 12:09 AM
hi blog..could u accompany me during this weekend??..because i will be alone along this weekend..i will be puteri lilin through this chicken ice-cream..& most abeyohs...wuargggghhhh.......=<

ok! & astro's channels will be my friend yaa..tqvm..muah...huhu

flight abeyohs pkl 7am nti..will reach klate after back to kL on sunday gayanya next week baru blh jumpa...phewwww..

but in the same time..i'm praying hard for the smoothness..hopefully all the mission doing well..bring back a good news wahai u..muah!!..(wlpn blh dpt result as soon as hbs mission tuu)..huhu

ok!..piala thomas tlh hilang dr pandangan..LCW..koo-tan..WCH..smu xsuka team china..blagak seh..especially LD..& the coaches too..LD siap buka baju tuu..nk tjk body ketul2 la tu..siap dancing2 lagiiii...alih2 kena booo..hahahahah..mmg show off!!!..try next season malaysia team..anyhow..i still heart u all..

ok..mau titun..take care..


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