August 2, 2010

Jangan Tiru Macam Saya!!!!!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 9:32 AM
dear blog..i’ve spotted that u have been copied..damn!..damn!..damn!..sixplet damn!..

arghhhh..sgt xbest kan bila ada org copy idea kita..100% lak tuu..cuma dia tokok tambah saja..damn!..from the title..about me section..the other part of me..important section..prayers to visit pun kena tiru bkn tiru 100% dh ni..500% kena tiruu..damn!!!..& yang paling sakit hati tuu..semua word on every each section semuanya sama!!..urgghhhhhh..bikin panasssss!!!!!!!!!!!

ohmigod!..i really cant think why the person should copy my idea..yes..u are please to read my blog but u strictly not to copy my all idea..damn!

to person who may concern..please please..change ur blog..asap!..jangan tiru macam saya..sila buat word sendiri..



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