August 13, 2010

Puasa - Day 2

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:15 AM
yippie!!!..2 hari puasa penuh!!! hari ke 3..hopefully penuh juga!!..yesterday break fasting with abeyohs the same kedai siam..but not the same menu..only the bazaar's foods are same..regrettable that i didn't went to the bazaar..abeyohs went alone because i felt like stars & moons around my better i stay at the kedai siam rather than i jatuh collapsed!..buat malu je!..lagipun it's rainy day..not that heavy..only drizzling..but it's still rain kan??

abeyohs bought bon2 ayam + kuih tepung cendawan goreng..he said he can't find the stall laa..a lot of people laa..ituuu laaa..ini laaa..arghhhh..too many excuses!!!..ckp je la xnk our break fast menu is nasi + sup cendawan + daging masak merah + sayur sawi goreng + limau ais (for me) + teh o ais limau (for abeyohs)..& ada xbest moment nii..bon2 ayam tu xmasak!!!..huh..rasa pelik!!!!..yg 1st day puasa pny lg sedap..wlpn mahal..RM1.50 ada 5 ketul..yg ni hrga RM1 ada 4 ketul tp xmasak!!!!..huh..penin!!!..

reached home..i buat farmville..then shower..then titun!!!..i feel like makin byk stars & moons around my head..

  bon2 ayam aka chicken ass..


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