January 6, 2012

2012's Resolutions

Posted by Aly Alberta at 8:00 PM
Hi! It's time for new resolutions. Normal laaa, new year kan? So, harus ada new resolutions. for the last year's resolutions summary, I managed to achieve 7 things from 11. Another 4, 2 unachievable at all, 1 over achieved and 1 half achieved.

Resolutions for this year will be...

  1. Must lose the kilos that I gained during the pregnancy period. Yes, I'm pregnant. Sorry for not telling earlier. But, the progress only can begin after March. Yes, my due date is on March. Do your own Math for the baby's age.
  2. Be a better person or in the other words be a better Muslim, meaning, yang pandai baca Al-Quran; yang pandai baca jawi; yang pandai baca macam-macam doa; yang pandai selawat; etc.
  3. Must, MUST, must increase my monthly saving from 0 to an amount. No matter RM0.10 pun, yang penting ada simpan. For example, if, RM0.10 per day, 30 days dah RM3, 1 year dah RM36, lepas la beli one romper.
  4. Try to clear all debt. Easy say than do. I know.
  5. Must learn how to cook. Bukan I tak pandai masak, cuma kena explore more on the skills.
  6. Go to driving class. Please! (2011's resolution)
  7. Try to have the latest gadget such as DSLR (2011's resolution); Apple's product; new phone with the touch screen; etc.

  1. Struggle more and more and more to be a good wife.
  2. Kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan potensi dalam semua aspek.
  3. Must make him take care of his health sebab Abeyohs malas jaga kesihatan!


Urgghhhh, this will be the tough one.
  1. Must read more books on raising a child.
  2. Must breastfeeding until 2 years old.
  3. Must give a healthier meal.
  4. Be prepared for anything can happens. Anything!
  5. Do family planning. 2015 baru boleh think about the 2nd baby.
  1. Be a good colleague.
  2. Try to ignore the gossips. But how to ignore it? It's life dude! Try laaaaa...
  3. If possible, find other job which is make my pocket more deeper than now.

This one have to joint venture with Abeyohs. But, anyhow, we will build this family together-gether until our last breath. That is my promise!

Amboi, banyaknya resolutions. Achieve or unachievable, we will see in the end of this year.

Anyway, anyhow, with the God's blessing, insyaAllah, it's will go through as it plan. Amin.


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