August 19, 2009

160809 ~ Sunia's Engagement Day...with Hafiz..

Posted by Aly Alberta at 2:12 PM

* omg omg..sunia's engaged..she's really2 engaged..can't believe it..huhu..=p
* nway congrats sunia darling..
* u're so beautiful..
* u're so pretty..
* u're so sweet..
* u're so cun cun..cun gilerrrrr..
* u're so pinky..ur baju..ur liptik..ur nails..ur bed..ur room's it all!!
* congrats congrats congrats..may happiness always be with u darling..
* now waiting for next year march..
* baju hunting lg..yeah..
* love u 2 also..ajue + ayu..
* kita sgt purplish kn..
* next year kita beli baju sma2 lg ek..baju hunting sama2 tau..
* love u all bff..muah muah muah..


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