August 3, 2009

it's august!!

Posted by Aly Alberta at 9:08 AM
Reactions:'s august already..sngh cpt msa berlalu..didn't realized at all..nway..i fell so i have to express my feeling here..all of this because of HE..why HE always make me feel sad??..why HE always make me feel so down??..why HE always make me feel frustration??..why??why??why??..from now on have to think about it..strengthness & weaknesses have to be highlighted..arrrggghhh...damn so doen..huuuhhhh..nway..i've got good story too..yesterday ayu & I go baju hunting for sunia's engagement..we've been travelling from 1 place to 1 place..from 1 shops to other shops..1stly..we went to ampang a lot of baju kurung's kiosk there..nice..updated..but so expensive la..all 200 over..budget kami 100 1 baju at first lady but no soooo into after we finish step in & out at ampang park we decide to go to masjid india area..but have to be careful if go that area..nti ada rusuhan lg..but thanks GOD..line masjid india got a lot of shops & kiosk@arked..but we cannot stop by every shops..too many shops..too many we went to sogo..had our lunch there..& go to that site that sold baju kurung..but expensive also we decided to go to the 1 shop that we stop by earlier..dont know what the shop's name but got baju kurung yang murah..cantik..& worth it..we wanted to buy same color same baju same xcorak..but feel soooo not intoo us if everything same..during the decision making..we've to ask mem sunia 1st..huhu..then finally we've bought same baju same corak but different color..different la boria pulau pinang..tawar menawar pun begging..ayu begging smp 10hgt tu..hish hish..xpe la yu..kurang 2 3 hgt pn jd la..huhu..ok la..i've to do my work be continued..


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