November 27, 2009

12hrs day out...

Posted by Aly Alberta at 10:59 PM
haluu...waduuuhhhh..penat seh hr ni..12hrs berada di luar..xpnh2 lg mcm ni..phewwww...

the 27.11.2009 schedule..
0800 - bangun pagi..gosok ready..
0900 - tgu bus..tgh pns..xmau naik taxi..budget2..hehe
1000 - finally after 1hr..bus bgrk ke destinasi..
1030 - arrived raja chulan..wen to public bank & cimb..byr hutang piutang..
1100 - aboard to ts..cari saloon..
1130 - hair project started..the hairtylist is annie..she her hair..
1530 - hair project done!!!..pheww after 4hrs..after 3x washed my hair..after put all the chemicals on my hair..after 4x blowing my new hair..=p..all together RM416..huhh..worth it??yesss..indeed!!..absolutely!!..worth it..
1545 - calling2 movie moon!..jln2 cuci mata..bought new earring..hehe
1650 - after 1 hr abeyohs arrived..stucked in jammed..huh..wendy's time..ayam dia xsdp..seriously..klu nk mkn wendy's jgn mkn ayam..mkn daging..puas hati...karaoke..gila ah..kmi pg b2 saja..bernilai RM113.80 + the tax + tidbits..buffet smpt mkn cake & pudding je..huhh
1915 - movie moon..missed opening..msk2 je movie dh start..cita sgt slow..penin kpla..
2130 - movie ended..bought abeyohs' chain..silver chain..pulangggg...
2230 - home sweet home..

what a day???...tired day...esok titun smp noon..haha


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