November 28, 2009


Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:57 AM
oh yeah..oh's holiday..yuuuhuuuu..i love it..i love it sooo much...yeah..hari2 ini mcm kn bgs..haha..tapi hr ni cuaca amat pns mcm smlm..time cuti2 ni xnk lak dia hjn..sejuk2..tu yg best nk titun tuu..haha..nway..pns2 pn..sya bgn pkl 11 jg..haha..last night titun lmbt..maybe pkl 3 kot..the time traveller's book tu la pny psl..haunted book seh..lps 1 chapter hbs mst kna baca the next chapter..klu x baca mst rasa xbest..buku tu mmg best!! dia pn best juga!!!..hehe..& now dont know what to do..tgk tv je la 1 harii..yeah!!


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