November 6, 2009

career or love???

Posted by Aly Alberta at 5:28 PM
Reactions:’s been the hardest week for me..arrrggghhh..cannot tahan already..why me??..why me??..why me have to go this path??..why me have to follow this way??..damn it!!!!!!..what is the most important?? or love??..some of my fb’s friend said..”both is important..have to know how to balance it”..but..this workaholic people don’t understand..or the correct word GILA KUASA people..especially HIM..he don’t know..understand what he has now cant even balance it..what he knows only kerja kerja kerjaaaaa..alasannya puan cakap..”selagi belum pukul 8pm jangan balik..awak tu pegawai bukan kerani..”apa ni????..helllooooo..u hidup bukan untuk kerja 24jam..kenapa pegawai lain boleh balik awal??..kenapa u tak boleh balik awal..gaji u tuuu hanya untuk kerjaa 8jam sehari bukan 24jam sehari..buat tu buat ni..handle tu handle ni..tapi gaji tetap sama..lain la kalau cecah 5 6 7 angka..very the..other people pun kerja juga tapi bukan la sampai workaholic macam ni..lain la kalau that people nothing to care of..nothing to think of..u have life to fill..u have ME..u ingat I ni apa???..tension tension tension…*sigh*


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