February 28, 2010


Posted by Aly Alberta at 9:14 PM
haluu..weekends is over!..back to work tomorrow..hopefully ada good news..sdh xlarat ddk di account's dept..mau kembali kpd normal..phewww....

JULY 2010..fuhhh..4 months before..122 days to go..phewwww..jam..minit..saat..blm kira lg..blm ada exact date actually!!..amat byk yg perlu difikir skrg ni..xtau nk start dr mna..xtau nk bincang apa..problems dtg & pergi..dugaan sntiasa dtg menduga xkira waktu..arggghhh..angels please help me!!!!!!

i'm praying for the happiness..for the smoothness..for the good planning..for the money!!!..pray for me please!!!..for abeyohs too!!..for both families too...amin!!..& i wish for the happy ending..problems please go away!!!

* rinduu rambut lurus kuuu..


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