October 23, 2009

5 years...

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:22 PM
*haluu..rsanya blm tlmbt lg utk ku wish abeyohs & me...

Happy Anniversary..5 Years!!!!!..

*wah..it's been 5 years since 23.10.2004..

*omg..time flies too fast...didnt realize at all..rsanya mcm br mgu lps je..main calling2 3 saat time tu..cant forget the time..ngantuk seh time tu..tp layan gak..huhu..

*wah it's too many up & down during this 5 years..hapy time..gaduh time..merajuk time..lepak time..buat jahat time..celebration time..ngumpat time..ngutuk time..mencarut time..all of the time teach us everything..

*can call it a long long long longggg journey too..journey from 0..nothing until now a lot of memories..

*hopefully we can make it eternally..forever..& ever..

*hopefully we cepat2 tie the knot..soon baby..soon..

*please god bless us..guide us to the right path..

*nway...5 years in our hands!!!..looking forward another YEARSSSSssssssssss...


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