October 16, 2009


Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:28 AM
hi people..it's FRIDAY...yeah!!!..TGIF..finally kan..& today half day only in the ofc..mgmt give half day leave for free bcos it's deepavali eve..so i go shopping spreeee...or to be correct window shopping spreeee..hehe..kena jimat la..nti kena bebel ngn big boss lg..hahaha...nway mention abt big boss..got new story abt him..he got the new look..omg..seriously se sooooo hensem...i've fall in love with him again..waduh waduh..jatuh cinta lagiii utk kali ke-2...dh 5 thn xrsa mcm ni..hahahaha..jiwang seh!!!..weekkk..=p..nti i post new photo him kt sini..tp klu xsbr nk tgk new look him pg tgk kt fb dia..profile photo lg..huhu..ok la got to go now..have to register some new files @ cases..damn!!..ni la keja i hari2..huhu..see you later then..daaa


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