October 28, 2009


Posted by Aly Alberta at 10:59 PM
yesterday..271009..our company got DeepaRaya celebration..got a lot of foods..a lot of good smells..nyummy!!!..makan makan makan..the celebration was held during lunch hour..so i skip my breakfast because i knew there will have a lot of foods..

the tempting menu is...:-
* Nasi Briyani
* Chicken Curry
* Mutton Curry
* Meehoon Goreng..ni yg plg SEDAP!!!..tmbh smp 3x ni..
* Nasi Goreng
* Chicken & Beef Satay..
* Lemang
* Kuih jala & kuahnya skali..
* Nasi impit & kuah kacangnya skali..
* Sultana cake
* KFC..tp i xdpt mkn pn..emmmm..
* Curry Puff..kuih muih..
* & the best dessert ever...ICECREAM...hehe..a lot of flavours too..

i'm too full..then being MALAS to buat kerja..but since npk tagline for all courts in malaysia that is "BUAT KERJA"..so i have to buat kerja...hehe...

photos??..ada tp line too slow la..later i upload ok..weekend..promise..sleepy already ni..gd nite..


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