October 18, 2009

tired sunday..

Posted by Aly Alberta at 8:57 PM
sunday sunday sunday...it's time for home after a week..oppsss more than a week i thought..out of home..very tired la today..

schedule for today..
*morning..wake up..change bedsheet..go to giant..shopping barang2 dapur..toiletries..bli lauk kt rest.pelita..
*afternoon..prepare dishes..eat..drink..ratah meratah ayam..bla bla bla..basuh pinggan mangkuk..vacuum sofa, carpet..lap mengelap habuk2..sapu rumah..
evening..rest..relax..titun..turun bawah teman kanak2 mandi kolam..mandi..basuh bilik air..prepare dinner..eat..drink..ratah meratah ayam..errkkk ayam lagiiii...basuh pinggan..kemas dapur..
night..rest..relax..facebook-ing...going to sleep soon..huhu..tomorrow working..arrggghhh....


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