June 28, 2011

2011, June 23

Posted by Aly Alberta at 12:11 PM
Hi… This date means a lot to me and I’m sure to many of us. Happy; sad; lost; frustrated; tired; sleepy; hopeless; victory feeling are mixed together in me on this date.

Why so? I experienced many things on this date. Ok, let me tell one by one ye…

1st… The happy stories…
Malaysia Olympic team wins and moves on to 3rd round!!!! Horey!! Even though they play with 10 peoples on the 2nd half but their victory spirit is strong and bigger. Lebanon had scored their 1st goal and struggling to have the 2nd goal but Malaysia does the great defending. Good job Malaysia!!!

Sepah became the Maharaja Lawak. Congratto Jep, Mamat and Shuib. Korang memang OMG!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Semputttttttt… Jozan is the 1st runner up. Nabil got selepuk RM150, 000 for the 3rd place and the muka legend hati cute on the 4th place.

We are 6 years 8 months. Another 4 months to go for the 7. Thanks God!

2nd… The sad story…
Abeyohs’s uncle (Pok Udo) passed away at 3.30 am that morning. We started our 12 hours journey from kL-kB-Gerik at 5 am in the morning. We received a call at 4.30 am. We stayed one night at Gerik for accompany his aunt (Udo) and family. Pok Udo left one wife (Udo) and three amazing boys. He is still young, 39 years old but God knew what is better for him. Cause of death is heart attack. 39 years old and heart attack. What a day now? Muda-muda dah kena sakit jantung. Dudes, please jaga kesihatan. Memang hidup mati di tangan Tuhan tapi masa kita hidup ni jagalah kesihatan luaran dan dalaman sebaik-baiknya. InsyaAllah, hidup kita dipermudahkan. Semoga roh Pok Udo dicucuri rahmat. Amin. Alfatihah.

Udo, she can accept it but inside, I can’t imagine. Hope she will be strong for the boys. Her 1st son is 14 years old. The 2nd is 13 years old. The youngest is 9 years old and he is an adorable boy. I like him. He can play football very well. He got the talent. Ijey, miss you!

3rd… The tired story…
The longest journey I had been in the car. kL to kB is 7 hours. kB to Gerik is 4 hours. All journey are in the same car same day with 2 drivers. It’s an experience by the way. kB to Gerik same as Keningau to Ranau. Bikin pening tu jalan nasib tia muntah.

4th… The frustrated story…
Gua frust gila-gila punya frust sebab tak dapat tengok secara live Muslim Ahmad dan kawan-kawan bermain di SBJ. Gua dah berangan-angan dah tapi angan-angan tu tinggal kenangan. Nasib baik frust ini dapat ditebus dengan game esok. Malaysia vs Taiwan for World Cup 2014 Qualification. Minta-minta Abeyohs ada hati nak pergi tengok. Kalau takde hati memang gua merajuk setahun!!!! =p

Good Luck Malaysia!!!! 

p/s..ada sesiapa jual jersey ori malaysia rona kuning??..saya mau beli!!!


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