April 9, 2011


Posted by Aly Alberta at 8:25 PM
Hi.. I'm now recovering from the stomach sickness. The sickness start attacking yesterday early evening. At 1st, I thought it was a normal sickness like usual I had. Ya, it's always attacking me but only a while and it will gone after a few hours. But, yesterday the sickness was terrible. I feel like want to put my hands into my stomach and take out the pain. I was walking to kLcc when the pain is started attacking. When I reached kLcc & had maggi goreng the pain is not that pain anymore. I wanted to watch the Twin Tower @live 2011's concert actually but abeyohs has bought a movie ticket named Rio. So, we layan movie first. During the movie, I feel my stomach like wants to explode and fireworks coming from it. It was very very very so painful. I'm scared at the same time because I'm keep thinking of the appendix illness. If appendix, I'm dead!

Then, abeyohs suggested go to clinic. So, we went to Clinic Mediviron at Ampang Point. Luckily, there was no patient when we reached there. After 15 minutes waiting plus the nurse can't find my name on the boxes sampai she asked my birth date. maybe easier for her to search my clinic card using my birth date. Funny! Then, sit in front of the doctor. I told him which part is sick and he straightly said it was Urine bla bla bla meaning kencing kotor or dirty urine. And my feeling is like whathell?! It's unbelievable. I think I've drank a plenty of water a day but I realized it's not enough for my body. Oh! I admit I didn't drink a lot of water on Thursday because of the court matters. Ahh! I story it later. It was a bang bang boom matter. Luckily it's not an appendix. Thanks God!

So, the doctor gave me 3 kind of medicines which is antibiotic pill, release stomachache pill & clear urine liquid. I took all the medicine soon after I reached home because I cannot tahan anymore. But, as usual the medicine didn't kill the pain straight away. So, I'm doing all the house chores last night to forget my pain. Thanks God I can sleep and woke up early this morning for being ladies' regular customer until noon. This morning different sickness is attacking me. It's diarrhea visiting me on my Saturday. Ohmigod! I really can't hold my body for this sickness. Really can't. I guessed the medicine are the cause of this diarrhea.

At noon, my stomach getting better and I can eat my brunch as usual. And, I'm still eating my medicine. The antibiotic pills have to finish out. Andddd, I think I have to finish out all of the medicines if I wanted to be the more healthy. Other than the medicines, Zara has suggested me to drink cranberry juice. She said it's good for that kind of illness. I'll go & buy it. Thanks babe.

Now, I have a lot of channel choices to select to watch tonight. Either AF or Liga Super or Majalah 3 or SLEEP! I can't choose!

p/s..i tak dapat la makan durian tomorrow sebab i makan ubat..ruginya!!!


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