August 23, 2011

23 Ramadhan 1432H, 2011

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:26 AM
Hi.. 6 days before Raya. And I am not fasting for a week. Yes! It was frustrating. Really! Everybody were excited with Ramadhan month but I'm struggling with my condition. But, never mind. God is always good with us. I'm good so far even though I'm going to be a MC's queen just for one eye blink. Heeeeeeeeee.. Just joking. Oh, and I can open a mini clinic here.

See.. That is from last Thursday & yesterday visit. It doesn't count last 2 3 weeks ago. Well, I think I have an experience during this period. It's not easy to be a woman but it was a gift to be a woman.

Ok, dah, jom cita pasal puasa.. 20 Ramadhan sampai 23 Ramadhan tak puasa. Last 21 Ramadhan, Abeyohs & I having a bunch of friends to break fast with us at home. It was an extremely tired day but it was fun. We have Pokya & Hana, Esey & Wani, Puje, Eri, Rian & Nora. Thanks for those whose coming. We shall do it again next time.

Well, until now peeps. Till we meet again before raya.


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