January 11, 2011


Posted by Aly Alberta at 10:23 PM
Today is 11 January 2011 or 11.01.2011 or 11.01.11 or 11.1.11. Nice number right??

We, Abeyohs & I just came back from kLcc. We watched this... 

Ohmigod!! It was sucks!!! Really sucks!! padahal penakut HaHaHa... But, seriously... Not worth it we pay RM26 for this movie. Maybe I'm the one who penakut but the display was terrible. Bikin kepala sya pening & I nearly want to vomit. I tengok 40% je kot. Selebihnya I cuba untuk tidur & on9. HaHaHa... Believe it or not?? I've posted 1 status on fb during watching this movie.

Ok! JSD is went well so far. Eh! Sejak bila ada ada JSD ni?? Sudah confirmed JSD ke ah? Nanti2 la story. Sya ngantuk. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Hopefully goes well.

p/s..ini blog sya..suka hati sya la mau buat entry apa..suka hati sya la mau story apa..suka hati sya la mau share apa..my kindnesses kah..my weaknesses kah..my resolutions kah..my whatsoever kah..it's my life ok!..so u better get a life, moron!!!!!


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