January 15, 2011

introducing JSD

Posted by Aly Alberta at 2:54 PM
haluu..it's saturday & i'm just came back from office's store..heeee..OT OT OT..on 2nd week of 2011..money money money..yippie!!..we are heading to 3rd week of 2011..how fast time flies?..& JSD is getting nearer..& i'm freaking out..100+++ days to go..phewwwwww..

opssss..since when JSD is going to be the name????..weird huh?..hahaha..ok now i declare that JSD is going to be name of our next project..JSD stands for J.... S.... D.... =p..i will revealed the name after the project has done or maybe after half way done..heeeeeee...=p

here, i share our PEMD's photo from our OP..


till here then..take care!


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