January 2, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven.

Posted by Aly Alberta at 2:31 PM
mak aihhhhh..sudah lama tidak update!!!..perggghhh..ni kali laaa...heeee..=p..sory!..i've been so busy..very busy..got a lot things to do but got a little time too..

opsss..haluuuu..happy new year 2011 everyone!..sudah tahun baru..any new resolution??..not for me i guess..normally i don't have any resolution..only continuing what is going on..

ohh..merry xmas too..ok!..sya tau dah lepas & i don't have any chance to blog it here..but last xmas was amazing!!!..

this is the proof!
ok!..let's talk about this 2011..ada banyak kejadian akan berlaku dalam 2011 ini..it's in our plan..yes!..our plan..abeyohs & i..abeyohs's family & my family..but..the major problem is we..abeyohs & i have done nothing yet!!!..impressive ya?..hahaha..less than 150 days to go..gamble saja!!..PMED hari tu pun semuanya last minute..cross fingers saja laaaa..heeee..
till the next post!


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