May 1, 2011

May Day

Posted by Aly Alberta at 8:18 AM
Hi.. It's May!!! Saya bangun awal. A perfect beginning for May I guess. I'm leaving for kB this noon. And as usual, I'm excited! Hopefully we have a safe journey to and from. Amin.

Klate leads the MSL league after won the game last night. Klate 2 - 0 KL. So, we can still feel the victory spirit once we arrived at kB. Heeeeeeeeeee... =p

It's labor day today. And, yes, it's PH. Tomorrow too. So, no more Monday blues but definitely there is Tuesday blues.

A month to go for JSD. So far, so ok. Not good. Not better. So so only. I hope we can pass this last month with lots of love. Amin. Everything is getting to the track. Abeyohs is trying harder and harder and harder. At one time, I'm getting down, but, he... as always, being toughed as he always be. That is make me proud of him. Love u to bits baby!

I got to go. See u later.

p/s..kalau bulan lima, mesti aramai tii di sabah..kaamatan kan..yang paling syok pertandingan unduk ngadau..sini la smemua boleh nampak sumandak2 alawa om olumis..sya mau juga daa ikut unduk ngadau bah tapi fikirlaaaaa sendiri..=p


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