March 30, 2011

Eric Junior at school..

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:13 AM
Hey, recently I've spotted Jr at 1 of my FB's friend's album. She is a practical teacher at Jr's school, SK Kg. Keningau, which is mum's school too. She is Teacher Bibi. Her family is our family close friend. Dad & her father, Coach Johan is close friend, relative & kaki bola. The difference is dad is Liverpool's fan but Coach Johan is Chelsea's fan. Mum & her mother is close friend since college I guess. They were in same netball team dolu-dolu. Me & her Kak. Long are bff during childhood time. Nevertheless, she leaves us earlier before we can grow up together. Miss u Nurul Hafizah! May your soul rest in peace. Amin. Then, same goes to her Kak. Ngah are bff with my brother, Ben. Pendek kata, kami dua keluarga ni rapat laaa.. Penat nak explain & macam lari tajuk pun ada..

OK! Back to the main topic. Jr is in Primary 1 this year & believe it or not this is my 1st time seeing him wearing school uniform. And yes, it makes me feels proud! But in the same time, I feel sedih jugaaaaaaa sebab he's no more baby lagi.. Sudah besar!! How fast time flies?!!

Now, he can talk so much. I mean, thissssssssssssss much. When we talk on the phone, normally it takes 8 to 10 minutes. I only talk 2 minutes of the conversation. The rest he was talking & talking & talking. Eh! Not only talking but laughing, shouting, mumbling, even singing pun dia buat juga kalau kena dengan mood. Oh! Pernah 1 time he was running, singing & shouting. At last, he said "Ok, bye, tired sudah, penat penat penat". He likes to take pictures of himself. Entah mana dia belajar. Then, he tau pula tu the camera position. I've several pictures of himself that he snapped by himself, later I share here. He is an adorable one. Like, cutenya, bestnya budak ni tapi naughty tu jangan cakap laaa, mana ada budak lelaki yang tak naughty kan? He is funny too, there is always something that he done makes people laugh, sombong kengkadang tapi baik hati juga. He can play computer game from am to pm non stop. Makan pun depan pc. Minum pun depan pc. Kencing pun, eh, kencing tak la tapi kalu boleh buat depan pc dia buat!

Anyhow, he is amazing!!!! I love him so very much!

These are the photos that tagged at my FB's profile.

 orang lain semua relax & terkawal..dia ja yang overacting..

 oh!..yang ni he's so cute!

 yang ni gedik!


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