March 8, 2011

Malaysia vs Pakistan - 2nd Leg

Posted by Aly Alberta at 11:12 AM
Haluuu.. Long time no see... As usual, the reason is busy as bee. Heeeeee... Well, as u all known that our Malaysia U23 team has flew to Lahore, Pakistan for the 2nd leg Olympic 2012 Qualifiers. Oh! I just can't wait to see the game. Astro Arena 801 will show the live game. So, sila laa beramai2 menunggu depan tv macam nak tengok konsert AF..=p

 Ini mereka di KLIA sebelum berlepas ke Pakistan.
*photo source - *Bolasepak Msia's FB*

All the best Harimau Malaya!! Go More Malaysia Go More!!!!


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